Day 12: Question you want answered - Skull Knight’s Identity

This actually isn’t the question I’m burning to know; I have quite a few others that I would like answered first. However, I think Skull Knights’ identity will reveal the answers to several other questions.

What was his relationship with Flora? Why does he come to Guts’ aid? Why does he seem to already have a vendetta against Void? Why does he know so much about what is to come?

Hmph, and honestly, we really need some answers.



Day 04: Scene that made you cry - Eclipse

From an entertainment perspective, I don’t cry very often; I claim to do so quite often, but it’s more of a hyperbole, as the most of what I do is just clutch my chest in pain and make inaudible noises.

The amount of times I’ve cried can be counted on one hand, and though the eclipse scene isn’t one that counts, it is the scene that brought me the closest to tears. If my sister hadn’t caught me on the verge of tears and ruined the moment, I’m certain I would have cried like a baby.


12 Days of Berserk


Day 1: Favorite Male Character



Okay. Yeah. I know he’s the most hated character because of what he’s done, but to me, that makes him all the more interesting. 

He’s a sociopath, rapist, and a yandere, but god he does the best job at being such a great villian. He managed to rip out the hearts of everyone in the fanbase, and still continues to make everyone burn with rage anytime he is mentioned (except his fangirls that try to defend what he did. yeah, there are some parts of this fandom that try and defend this jerk.). 

And I’m not really praising him as a person here. As a person, he’s vile, disgusting, and downright creepy, but as a character, he’s brilliant, developed, and most of all, interesting. That’s really what it comes down to. He’s such an interesting person that has managed to twist the emotions of nearly everyone he comes into contact with.

So, that’s that! Everyone looks to Guts as a favorite character, but Griffith is just oozing with evil, and that’s why he’s my favorite.

He still needs to be split in half for what he did to Guts and Casca, though.